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Jamaica Zoo responds to video of a lion biting off a man’s finger

A lion bit a man's finger off on Friday at the Jamaica Zoo, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth.

Jamaica Zoo has responded to a video going viral on social media showing a lion biting off a man’s finger after he repeatedly stuck his fingers in the cage, taunting the animal.

Video of the May 20 incident went viral over the weekend, showing the man shouting at the lion, clapping and sticking his fingers into the cage before the lion latches on to his middle finger and refuses to let go. The man is seen struggling with the lion while bystanders watch and take video. After about 20 seconds the lion releases the man. Media sources report part of the man’s right ring finger was bitten off by the lion. His condition is unknown.

Many people who saw the video on social media commented the man got what he deserved. Others expressed concerns that the lion may be punished for the incident.

The Jamaica Zoo released a statement about the incident yesterday, referring to the man as a contractor. They said the actions displayed in the video do not represent the zoo’s safety and security policies and they are reviewing video footage in order to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

“It is an unfortunate event that should never have happened and we the family of the Jamaica Zoo are doing everything to assist the gentleman moving forward,” Jamaica Zoo wrote.


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