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Feds on site removing more animals from Tiger King Park today

Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park

Federal agents are again on site today at Tiger King Park, Thackerville, OK, owned by Jeff and Lauren Lowe, to remove animals.

Yesterday, federal agents raided Tiger King Park for the second time this month, removing up to 70 animals from the facility.

Today, a neighbor reports more cages were brought in to remove animals. Southern Oklahoma Uncensored Scanner Feeds reports US Marshalls called for service for a female officer who is on site at Jeff and Lauren's place and is dehydrated.

Jeff and Lauren took over the controversial Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park featured in the hit Netflix documentary Tiger King. They have since changed the name to Tiger King Park and moved the roadside zoo to Thackerville.

They are accused of neglecting the animals under their care, causing some of the animals to die. Rather than obtaining veterinary treatment for some animals, Jeff and Lauren instead treated the animals with CBD oil.

The pair lost their USDA license to exhibit the animals and they are facing numerous lawsuits over their animal care, including a lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The animals are being removed from Tiger King Park this month due to a sealed search and seizure warrant issued in the Eastern District of Oklahoma. Jeff and Lauren's lawyer said the pair is facing criminal charges. The nature of those charges won't be revealed until the Lowe's first appearance in the case.

In January, the DOJ was awarded placement of all of Tiger King Park's big cat cubs and their mothers. Lawyers for the DOJ argued at that time that Jeff and Lauren failed to provide adequate nutrition and veterinary care to the animals they own.

Jeff and Lauren "must no longer be trusted to keep these animals alive and well," court documents say.

In a court hearing last week, Jeff and Lauren's lawyer said they are ready to give up the big cats and be done with Tiger King Park.


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