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Dying tiger used as photo op at Tiger Creek Sanctuary - Tyler, TX

In early 2018 Lexie, an elderly tiger at Tiger Creek Sanctuary - Tyler, TX, became ill. By Feb. 5 Lexie could no longer move. Keepers called, texted and posted in a chat asking for a veterinarian to be brought in. When Lexie was comatose and nearly dead, a veterinarian was finally brought in. However, first pseudo-sanctuary owner Brian Werner Ferris, and his daughter Emily Owen, photographed all the keepers crying by the dying tiger, who was not sedated, and then told the keepers they would send the photo to them.

Then Werner Ferris changed into a different shirt with “Tiger Missing Link Foundation” on it and posed with Lexie as she lay dying. He used the photo of himself and the dying tiger as his profile photo on Facebook and claimed he was with the tiger for three decades. Lexie was twenty.

After the photo op was complete, Lexie was finally euthanized.

Does this sound like the behavior of someone who truly cares about animals? Is delaying euthanasia in order to use a non-sedated dying tiger as a photo prop considered humane treatment?

A person who continues to exploit an animal up until its dying breath has no place owning innocent creatures who have no voice.


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