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Dr. Aaron Stachmus retains veterinary license while facing 18 cruelty charges for seized animals

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Dr. Aaron Stachmus, an Oklahoma veterinarian charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty for mistreating 354 animals that were confiscated from his property in 2021, and who had another 168 animals removed from his property in 2022, continues practicing veterinary medicine.

Stachmus, his husband Bryson Anglin and caretaker Mark Parker were each charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty after 354 animals were removed from their Norman, Oklahoma property last year. The animals were deprived of food, water and veterinary care, documents indicate. Some of the animals were so starved they were resorting to eating tree bark. Two animals died and several others required emergency medical treatment, court records say. All of the animals were awarded to the city to be rehomed and Stachmus was charged $95,773.08 for their care.

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Stachmus is a veterinarian at Brookwood Animal Clinic in Oklahoma City. Records obtained from the Oklahoma Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners indicate the board opened an investigation after Stachmus’ 2021 arrest. During the investigation, the board received information that Dr. Stachmus was diverting ketamine, a controlled substance. A review of his controlled substance records revealed discrepancies.

The board’s investigation revealed that Stachmus had violated numerous veterinary provisions. Documents indicate Stachmus was negligent, demonstrated incompetency to practice veterinary medicine, failed to practice veterinary medicine with reasonable skill and safety and failed to report to the proper authorities cruel or inhumane treatment to animals. Stachmus also violated laws related to dispensing controlled dangerous substances, documents indicate.

Dr. Stachmus’ license to practice veterinary medicine was suspended for 60 days and he was placed on probation for ten years with conditions that included that he not violate any federal, state or local law or rule pertaining to the practice of veterinary medicine in Oklahoma, that he not own or possess any exotic animal during his licensure as a veterinarian in Oklahoma, that he obtain three hours of continuing education related to dangerous substance recordkeeping and that he pay fines and costs of $25,000.

On April 12, 2022, Norman Animal Welfare assisted with executing a search warrant at another property owned by Stachmus. Authorities removed 168 animals from the property including chickens, ducks, emus, parrots, sugar gliders, ostriches, leopard tortoises, African spurred tortoises, radiant tortoises, French bulldogs, draft horses, hairless cats, hairless guinea pigs and a blue heeler.

More than 40 animals had no access to food and water and some of the animals were stepping on each other due to being kept in cramped conditions. Authorities found two draft horses on the property that were each missing an eye, and one of the horses had an infection in his one good eye that was oozing liquid. Documents say both horses appeared in need of veterinary attention.

Ten days after the animals were confiscated Stachmus relinquished ownership of them to the city to be rehomed. He was also ordered to pay $10,000 to the city for the costs they incurred for caring for the animals. Authorities have not filed criminal charges related to the most recent animal seizure.

A receptionist at Brookwood Animal Clinic confirmed that as of May 2022, Stachmus is still seeing veterinary clients. The Brookwood Animal Clinic had no comment on the recent seizure of 168 animals from Stachmus’ property.

The Oklahoma Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners refusal to revoke Stachmus’ license to practice despite 18 animal cruelty charges and the hundreds of animals that were found living in appalling conditions at his two properties appears to be indicative of a larger problem: The veterinary industry is seemingly incapable of self regulating themselves and ensuring that bad veterinarians lose their license.


Download records related to the 2021 animal seizure at the property of Aaron Stachmus:

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Download PDF • 326KB

Download records related to the 2022 animal seizure at the property of Aaron Stachmus:

Download PDF • 266KB

Download Veterinary Board citation and complaint for Dr. Aaron Stachmus:

A Stachmus Citation and Complaint
Download PDF • 263KB

Download Veterinary Board amended complaint for Dr. Aaron Stachmus:

Stachmus Amended Complaint
Download PDF • 238KB

Download Veterinary Board agreed order for Dr. Aaron Stachmus:

VSJ and Agreed Order
Download PDF • 2.78MB


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