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DOJ moves for default judgement against Tiger King Park owners Jeff and Lauren Lowe

The United States Department of Justice has submitted a motion to move for default judgement in the case against Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park.

Jeff and Lauren have failed to file a responsive pleading within the required time and their attorney did not seek an extension, according to court documents.

If the Motion for Default is granted:

  • The judge will declare Jeff and Lauren have violated the Endangered Species Act and the Animal Welfare Act.

  • Jeff and Lauren would be permanently prohibited from owning or exhibiting exotic animals in the United States.

  • Jeff and Lauren’s animals, which have already been seized by the DOJ, would be permanently granted placement at accredited sanctuaries.

In the meantime, a Motion to Intervene has been filed in the case by a woman named Carrie Leo who claims eight of the animals seized by the DOJ are actually hers.

However, the USDA permanently revoked Leo’s license earlier this year, for failing to comply with license conditions, failing to provide care to animals, failing to maintain licenses required to own the animals in New York, and failing to keep accurate records and submit timely reports, according to the court order.

Leo’s previous attempts to intervene in the case have not been successful.

Jeff and Lauren signed over their remaining animals to the DOJ last week and the animals were placed at accredited facilities. Jeff and Lauren were allowed to keep their domestic dogs and a domestic cat. Other than raccoons that were released on the property and a bush baby that reportedly died, no exotic animals remain on the Tiger King Park property.


Full court documents:

Download PDF • 143KB
Download PDF • 164KB
Download PDF • 1.95MB
Download PDF • 926KB
Download PDF • 87KB


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