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Does anyone know where Stanley the giraffe is?

Stanley the giraffe at Malibu Wine Safaris, CA. Stanley's current location is unknown.

Stanley is a reticulated giraffe that lives at Malibu Wine Safaris in California. Stanley drew media attention in 2018 when he and all the other animals at the roadside zoo were left behind as a wildfire overtook the area. Images of Stanley with smoke and flames behind him went viral. Although Stanley survived the fire, the media coverage drew attention to the roadside zoo, which did not have permits for its animals.

Images of Stanley with a wildfire behind him went viral

In 2019, county officials announced Malibu Wine Safaris was prohibited from keeping their wild animals for commercial purposes.

In June 2020, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) gave Stanley’s owner 30 days to either transfer Stanley to another facility with permits, move Stanley out of state or humanely destroy Stanley.

In March 2021, Stanley was “seized in place” by state officials while Stanley’s owners, Ron Semler and his son Dakota, faced charges for keeping the animals without permits and for forging documents to obtain the necessary permits for Stanley.

Despite the “seize in place” order, sources following the story say Stanley was moved out of California on May 29 and no one has been able to verify where he's been taken. They’re concerned for Stanley and they just want to be sure he’s safe.

Roadside Zoo News has contacted CDFW officials to determine the location of Stanley, but we have not received a response.

If you have any information about where Stanley is currently located or if you’ve recently visited a roadside zoo that acquired a reticulated giraffe, please send Roadside Zoo News a message by emailing All sources will be kept anonymous.


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