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Declawed, defanged lion returned to owner in Cambodia

Stock image of a lion

A lion confiscated in Cambodia after the owner posted TikTok videos of the animal has been returned to its owner.

The 18-month-old lion, named Hima, had been trafficked into Cambodia, DW reports. The animal’s claws and canine teeth had been removed.

Cambodian officials confiscated the animal on June 27, stating it is illegal to own a lion in Cambodia.

After the lion was confiscated, video of the animal went viral on Tiktok and social media users pressured officials to return the lion to its owner.

Yesterday, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen made a Facebook post that said he was returning the lion to its owner as long as the owner keeps the animal in “perfect condition” in a cage that “ensures safety.”

UK Ambassador to Cambodia Tina Redshaw took to Twitter to voice her disapproval of the lion’s return. Redshaw said the animal’s return undermined efforts to combat wildlife trafficking, “to say nothing of the stress and suffering of inappropriate captivity.”


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