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Child gets six sutures after iguana attack at SeaQuest Fort Worth

A child was attacked by an iguana at SeaQuest Fort Worth. (Stock image of an iguana)

A child was attacked by an iguana at SeaQuest Fort Worth last weekend, according to a social media post.

On June 6 a woman posted on social media that she was visiting the SeaQuest location in Fort Worth, Texas, when an iguana jumped from a rock and latched onto her son’s arm.

A child was attacked by an iguana at SeaQuest Fort Worth.

The woman said she took her son to the hospital for the incident, where he received six sutures to close the wound. The child’s father said the staff was more concerned about the animal than the wounded child.

The parents said they have not been contacted by SeaQuest regarding the incident.

Iguanas are herbivores, meaning they primarily feed on fruits and vegetables. Iguana attacks are rare. They’re usually the result of the animal trying to defend their territory.

The SeaQuest Fort Worth location operates out of the Ridgmar Mall. They’ve previously been cited for numerous incidents involving animal’s injuring patrons.

  • In 2018, SeaQuest Fort Worth was issued a "Teachable Moment" after a capybara inflicted "multiple bites and scratches to the public."

  • In 2019, SeaQuest Fort Worth was cited after four people were bitten by otters.

  • In 2021, SeaQuest Fort Worth was cited for a child who was bitten by a capybara and an adult who was bitten by a sloth. Other violations included dirty, rotting and moldy enclosures and missing records.

Aside from the Fort Worth location, the SeaQuest franchise has locations in Littleton, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; Layton, Utah; Folsom, California; Roseville, Minnesota; Trumbull, Connecticut; Lynchburg, Virginia; Woodbridge, New Jersey; and Stonecrest, Georgia. The various franchise locations have repeatedly been in the news for animal attacks, animal mistreatment and other issues.


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