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Brian Werner - Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary - 1.6 million in corruption

There is at least $1.6 million in corruption going on at Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary - Tyler, Texas.

Tiger Creek CEO and owner Brian Werner took a payout of $1,670,324.18 from his nonprofit pseudo-sanctuary in 2014, claiming the money was to cover the years he didn’t take a salary, notably for “work performed from 1995-2013,” plus 7.5% interest accrual.

According to a 2006 news article, Brian Werner took a salary of $48,900 in 2005. If Werner was taking a salary, and also took out more than $1.6 million in payouts using the false information that he wasn’t taking a salary, this is tax fraud.

Former Tiger Creek employees say they rarely saw Werner at the facility, yet his current yearly salary is $130,000. In comparison, CEO and Owner of Big Cat Rescue Carole Baskin has a yearly salary of $65,000, working an average of 60 hours per week.

We smell a rat at Tiger Creek and his name is Brian Werner.

Please join us in asking the IRS to investigate Brian Werner for suspected nonprofit tax fraud. Send an email to and fill out the nonprofit tax exempt organization complaint form at

Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary is a PSEUDO-sanctuary contributing to the list of problems legitimate sanctuaries face. It is time Brian Werner faces consequences for his lies, money laundering, animal neglect and illegal activities.


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