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Bobcat dead; lion sent to another roadside zoo while some animals rescued in Michigan

Last week a bear named Dolly and foxes were removed from the defunct Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park in Tawas City, MI, and placed at a sanctuary.

The animals’ placement followed an earlier seizure by the U.S. Department of Agriculture who acted quickly to remove a brown bear named Grizzy from the facility, after the animal was left to suffer without veterinary treatment for more than ten months with an ulcerated wound on its head.

A bobcat at the roadside zoo that the USDA described as “obese with matted hair on its neck and back” and was seen walking “very slowly, and gently,” died before it could be saved.

A 9-year-old lion named Damba was “very thin with prominent vertebral bodies” but was not rescued and was left behind. According to a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) press release, Damba will be sent to another roadside zoo in Michigan.

While some may celebrate the rescue of the bears and foxes as a victory, others are mourning the loss of the bobcat and feel concerned for the lion who may continue to suffer at another roadside zoo.

It is Roadside Zoo News sincere hope that the laws in the United States will be strengthened and enforced so that all of the animals that are suffering at roadside zoos may be saved.


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