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Beloved giraffe named April has been euthanized due to arthritis

A popular giraffe named April that lived at New York's Animal Adventure Park has been euthanized due to arthritis, according to a Facebook post made by the park today.

April became a viral sensation during her pregnancies in 2017 and 2019, which were livestreamed.

One of her calves, Azizi, was later sold to East Texas Zoo and Gator Park in Grand Saline, TX; a terrible roadside zoo that Roadside Zoo News had reported on before. Azizi tragically died in October 2020. He was a year old.

In November 2020, Roadside Zoo News reported on the condition of April. We shared concerns about the giraffe's lameness and apparent difficulty walking. We urged our followers to ask the USDA to check on the health and welfare of April. In response, Animal Adventure Park roadside zoo owner Jordan Patch and his followers attacked our page, sending death threats and legal threats.

Five months later, April was euthanized "due to her worsening arthritis."

In a public Facebook post, Animal Adventure Park said April "will be deeply missed and fondly remembered. April, in her own special way, changed the world.”


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