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Animals injured; some killed by cars at Shamba Safari

A boy hits a zebra on the head with a feed scoop at Shamba Safari

Today a representative of Roadside Zoo News visited Shamba Safari and witnessed disturbing animal treatment at the brand new drive-thru roadside zoo in Neshkoro, WI.

  • A rhinoceros had wounds on its rear end. It was also eating a large stick.

  • The tigers and lions were stuck out in the sun with no shade. The lion licked his paw over and over again.

  • A giraffe’s legs were covered in what appeared to be healing wounds. The giraffe paced back and forth in its enclosure.

  • There were very few employees which allowed zoo guests to freely interact with the animals. A child was seen hitting a zebra on the head with a feed scoop.

  • The employees that were out supervising the animals spent their time chasing the camels around in recreational vehicles to try to get the animals to allow the cars to go by.

  • There were flies everywhere. They were bothering the animals and swarming into vehicles. It appeared the facility had not put any fly control methods into place.

  • The grain that falls from vehicles as people feed the animals was attracting animals to the road. This resulted in a car running over and killing a ground squirrel and a bird. Shamba Safari left the corpses in the road.

  • Non-native prairie dogs have established a colony and were freely roaming all over the property. There were at least 40 prairie dogs and over a hundred burrows. The burrows came right up to the road and cars had driven over some of them.

Please submit a complaint to the USDA and ask them to inspect Shamba Safari and cite them for their numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Name: Animal Entertainments Inc / Shamba Safari

USDA license/registration number: 35-C-0367

City: Neshkoro

State: Wisconsin

Thank you for being a voice for the animals.


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