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Animal Haven Zoo’s tiger cub sold to Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

The tiger cub born at Animal Haven Zoo, Weyauwega, WI, that was stolen from its mother has now been sent to Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bend, WI.

Animal Haven Zoo has previously been implicated in the illegal purchase of endangered big cats from Joe Exotic of the Netflix docu-series Tiger King.

Photos and videos posted online show the three-week-old cub has been mishandled and passed around by Animal Haven Zoo. Two of Animal Haven Zoo's cubs were raised by an unrelated party offsite, and the roadside zoo owners allowed a high school student to take one of the cubs to school with her. Photos show elementary school and high school students petting and taking photos with the cub. Now, the endangered tiger cub will be exploited by Shalom Wildlife Zoo.

Shalom Wildlife Zoo has previously been unsuccessful in breeding their inbred white tiger who gave birth to stillborn cubs back in March. A month later, they were attempting to breed her again. Like many zoos, they are probably hurting for money due to loss of revenue from the pandemic. Having a tiger cub to bottle feed and show the public is yet another publicity grab by the roadside zoo.

Roadside Zoo News will be monitoring the situation to see if Shalom Wildlife Zoo will be participating in cub petting interactions with the endangered tiger.


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