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Aggieland Parks cited for 15 antelopes killed by zebras at Texas Wild Animal Safari

15 blackbuck antelopes were killed by zebras at Aggieland Safari in Bryan, Texas.

Aggieland Park’s Wild Animal Safari in Bryan, Texas, has been cited with an Official Warning for the deaths of 15 blackbuck antelopes that were killed by zebras.

Zebras are known to occasionally be aggressive. An internet search yields several videos of wild zebras attacking other animals including antelopes, hyenas and a cheetah.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture inspected Aggieland Safari’s Texas location in August and learned that 15 blackbucks had died after being attacked by zebras. The inspection report indicates that Aggieland Safari sold the zebras that they felt were responsible for killing the blackbucks, however, the remaining zebras were still housed in the same enclosure as the blackbucks.

“The remaining zebras need to be separated from the blackbucks to ensure no more blackbucks’ deaths are caused by zebras,” the inspector noted in her report.

The USDA cited Aggieland Safari with a critical violation and an Official Warning for the blackbucks’ deaths. Aggieland Safari was ordered to separate the zebras and the blackbucks by September 13.

The USDA completed a follow-up inspection on October 28 and no violations were found during that inspection.

Aggieland Parks is the parent company to Wild Animal Safari locations in Stafford, GA, and Pine Mountain, GA, in addition to the Bryan, TX, location.


Aggieland Safari August 2021 USDA inspection report:

PST_Inspection_Report_Aggieland Parks Inc (1)
Download PDF • 180KB

Aggieland Safari USDA Official Warning:

Download PDF • 228KB


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