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A wallaby is on the loose near Even Keel Exotics in Michigan

A wallaby believed to have escaped from Even Keel Exotics is on the loose in Michigan.

A wallaby is on the loose in Temperance, Michigan, according to several witnesses who spotted the marsupial near Even Keel Exotics.

A witness posted on social media that she spotted a wallaby near Rauch Road in Temperance, less than a mile from Even Keel Exotics, around 4:30 a.m. October 20. She took a photo of the animal she spotted.

A wallaby has been spotted loose in Michigan.

Two other witnesses also reported sightings. One woman posted a comment indicating her son almost hit the wallaby with his car while it was crossing the street last week.

A wallaby crossed the street in Michigan last week.

It is believed that the wallaby has been on the lam since October 14.

Nearby Indian Creek Zoo posted on social media today that the missing marsupial is not from their facility and all of their wallabies and kangaroos are accounted for.

Zachery Keeler, owner of Even Keel Exotics, posted a photo Oct. 7 showing about a dozen wallabies for sale at his facility.

Keeler has not responded to messages questioning whether the wallaby loose in the area is one of his.


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