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Worker attacked by wolves at North Carolina facility previously involved in a fatal lion attack

Burlington, NC - On March 20, 2021, a worker who entered a wolf enclosure to “socialize” the animals at the Conservators Center was attacked by two wolves. She was hospitalized for her injuries but is expected to recover.

Conservators Center released a statement about the attack:

"On Saturday March 20 one of the Center's professionally-trained fulltime animal keepers was performing routine activities with two of the Center's juvenile wolves, within the wolves' secure enclosure and separated from the public tour path by multiple fencing barriers. During these activities the juvenile wolves bit the keeper. Pursuant to the Center's protocols and Emergency Response Plan, 911 was called and the keeper was transported for medical care. Due to the employee privacy laws, the Center cannot release any information about the employee at this time. Caswell County Animal Control was also called and the juvenile wolves have been quarantined for 10 days, just as would be the case for any dog that bit a human. At no time during this incident was any member of the public in danger. The Center continues to have as its top priority the safety of its public guests, volunteers, and employees, and the Center is confident that it provides a safe environment for all who visit and work at the Center."

This isn’t the Conservators Center’s first experience with an animal attack. In 2018 an intern at the Conservators Center was fatally mauled by a lion. It took four hours to recover her body and the lion who attacked her was shot eight times and killed.


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