Wisconsin man accused of animal torture opens animal rescue

A Wisconsin man who allegedly participated in animal torture is now opening his own animal rescue.

Video posted to Roadside Zoo News in August shows Nick Biesner of Appleton attempting to drown a cat in an aquarium. Facebook comments indicate Biesner has a history of abusing cats and may have fed a cat the narcotic pain reliever oxycodone. Witnesses say Biesner starved a cat so severely it ate garage insulation and died, and Biesner allegedly abused a kitten by grabbing it by the neck, shaking it and throwing it. Biesner himself admits to shooting a cat with a BB gun.

Despite numerous reports to police about Biesner’s participation in animal cruelty and videotaping animal torture, authorities have not pressed charges.

Today Biesner made a Facebook post announcing he is opening an animal rescue and offered to accept animals that need to be rehomed. May God have mercy on the souls of any animal unfortunate enough to cross this man’s path.

Video of Biesner: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3272394166215150

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