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Montana woman under investigation for killing and skinning a dog she mistook for a wolf

Amber Barnes posted on social media that she killed and skinned an animal that appears to be a domestic dog.

A Montana woman is under investigation after shooting and skinning a domestic dog that she mistook for a wolf.

Flathead County woman Amber Barnes posted on social media last week under the name Amber Rose that she was hunting black bear when she came across a wolf pup that she harvested. She posted photos of what appears to be a dog that she killed and skinned.

“Was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup,” she wrote.

A local who shared Barnes' post wrote that someone had abandoned numerous Siberian huskies in the area and animal control was able to locate and apprehend all but one.

In a follow-up post, Barnes acknowledged that the animal she thought was a wolf was actually a dog. She said regardless of the species she would have shot the animal because it was “growling, howling, coming at me like it was going to eat me.”

Barnes’ boyfriend, Frank Tallent, posted on social media that shooting and skinning the dog was a mistake.

“My girlfriend was out hunting and shot a (expletive) dog that was dumped out in the woods,” he wrote. “No charges have been filed or will be filed because no laws were broke.”

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks confirmed they’re aware of the situation. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.


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