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Exotic animal rescue removes their Facebook page after being questioned about animal care practices

Suring, WI (April 6, 2021) Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue has unpublished their Facebook page and no longer has an online presence. The changes came after the Roadside Zoo News Facebook page questioned KAEAR owner Jamie Kozloski about some of her animal care practices.

Concerns included:

  • Animals being kept completely indoors in a rental property

  • Social species, including a lemur and a coatimundi, that are kept in isolation

  • Incompatible species that are sometimes housed in the same enclosure

  • A backyard fox enclosure that was so unsafe that a fox’s leg had to be amputated

  • Kozloski’s practice of posting exotic animal selfies on social media which may lead to an increase in the exotic animal trade

  • Kozloski has threatened to euthanize animals rather than work with other organizations that were willing to help

Kozloski had previously made numerous Facebook posts asking for donations to fund a planned new facility. When Roadside Zoo News offered to fundraise to rehome the animals currently located at her Suring rental property to accredited sanctuaries, Kozloski declined.

It is unclear whether Kozloski will reopen her exotic animal rescue again in the future, or if her new facility will be a backyard zoo that will permanently keep animals on display for donations.

UPDATE: As of 4/13/21 Kozloski has reactivated the Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue Facebook page

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