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Dominique Ferraro, Zebras R Us and Party Kangaroos violate federal law; traffics endangered species

Zebras R Us and Party Kangaroos' owner Dominique Ferraro poses with a white tiger cub.

Dominique Ferraro, owner of Zebras R Us and Party Kangaroos, is one of the most prolific wildlife traffickers in Texas.

Ferraro’s facility is located in Quitman and it serves as a hub for buying, selling, trading and exhibiting exotic animals without a federally required U.S. Department of Agriculture license.

The evidence of Ferraro’s illegal activity is visible on multiple Facebook pages, websites, and public Facebook posts. She is heavily involved in trafficking exotic and endangered animals.

Ferraro clearly advertises that every animal she posts on her Facebook page is for sale.

Ferraro does business with other roadside zoos including Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary, East Texas Zoo and Gator Park, Franklin Drive Thru Safari, Animal World and Snake Farm, Best Exotics LLC, Oak Meadows Ranch, Blue Hills Ranch and more.

Public posts indicate Ferraro also exhibits her animals by bringing them to offsite parties and private events, and allowing people to view and play with her animals at her property for a fee.

Ferraro also rents her animals out for paid photo opportunities.

According to USDA regulations, no dealer or exhibitor shall sell or offer to sell or transport or offer for transportation, in commerce, to any research facility or for exhibition or for use as a pet, unless and until the dealer or exhibitor has obtained a license.

Ferraro has never obtained a license, despite being in operation since at least 2014, according to USDA records.

Please email the USDA at and urge them to cite Dominique Ferraro, Zebras R Us and Party Kangaroos for operating as an unlicensed exhibitor, dealer and transporter, in violation of federal law.

Dominique Ferraro

Fm 2225

Quitman, TX 75783


Thank you for being a voice for the animals.


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