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Action Alert: Ask 7 Mile Fair to stop allowing vendors to sell live animals

Parrots are locked in wire dog kennels to be displayed and sold at the 7 Mile Fair. Photo credit: Facebook/7 Mile Fair.

The 7 Mile Fair, a crowded flea market in Caledonia, Wisconsin, is allowing a vendor to sell parrots to anyone with enough cash. Selling a parrot at a flea market is a terrible idea and sets these birds up for failure in their new homes.

How can you educate a potential owner about the complex needs of a parrot in a packed flea market?
How can you ensure that the birds are healthy?
How does trucking these birds out in freezing temperatures and exposing them to strangers affect the animals?

Parrots are highly intelligent, emotionally complex animals that often react unpredictably to new situations. Parrots also have demanding care requirements. The inability of pet owners to meet these animals' complex needs often leads to severe behavioral problems. Most parrots are rehomed dozens of times throughout their lives and many end up in terrible conditions at roadside zoos or worse.

Please contact 7 Mile Fair and respectfully request that they stop allowing vendors to sell live animals at their fair.

Call the fair at 262-835-2177

Email the fair at

Submit a complaint on their website:

Leave a comment on their Facebook post:

Thank you for being a voice for the animals.


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